Hortitek Far Red Enhancer Bar for Grow Board

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Use Hortitek’s Enhancer range in combination with Hortitek Growboard to produce an optimal lighting spectrum.
Grow more flavourful and potent plants with Hortitek Enhancer Bars.
Enhance your light spectrum by supplementing your grow room with 3 of our select Enhancer Bars. Each bar curated to get the most out of your plant growth.
Far-Red and Plant Growth: Far-Red spectrum has three main effects that can be beneficial to your grow depending on your plant species.
Emerson Effect: Far-Red cannot drive photosynthesis by itself. Far-Red and Deep Red need to be used simultaneously to produce the Emerson Effect. This effect increases the rate of photosynthesis resulting in better plant growth and yield.
Flower Initiator: Sunrises and sunsets naturally produce a Red to Far-Red ratio. During Sunset, the sky changes from Red to Far-Red, and as Far-Red becomes more prominent a plant response is triggered. The plants response is caused by photoreceptors called phytochromes, these absorb the red and Far-Red light. The phytochromes change the plants state between active and inactive depending on ratio Red to Far-Red. Naturally, this process takes 2-2.5hrs to swap between active to inactive during times of darkness (lights off). By using Far-Red this process only takes 15-30min. Far-Red can then be utilized to put your plants into an inactive state quicker, tricking your plants into thinking it has had more dark hours. This allows your plant to flower with less hours of darkness, therefore increasing the light hours and yield of your plant in flower.
Shade Avoidance Response: Plant growth is dependent on light energy intake, which makes it competitive when neighbouring plant canopies block the light they need for survival. Plants have evolved mechanisms that enable a response to escape the shade.
This mechanism is the phytochromes, which detect the red to Far-Red ratio. The inclusion of a high Far-Red to Red ratio to a full spectrum, can have an expansion effect of increased leaf area, internode length and elongation. (Elongation is not desired by growers but has a trade-off to increase in light interception, with larger leaf spans, to promote further growth).
Far-Red Usage: We recommend implementing Far-Red into your grow in two ways. The first way is to supplement Far-Red alongside your main fixture to get the expansive plant response (Emerson effect/Shade avoidance response). The second way is to use the Far-Red LED 20-30min after lights off to put your plant to sleep quicker, helping your plant flower with fewer dark hours and maximise daytime photosynthesis.
Optimal plant growth is achieved by using well balance complete lighting spectrum. This implies that there is no single wavelength that is the best for plant growth. The effects of one wavelength can be enhanced or counteracted by other wavelengths. Therefore, undesired results may be induced by improper usage and incorrect ratio of lighting spectrum. It is important to know the effects of the enhancers and how to use them to improve your existing lighting spectrum.
Spectrum Far Red
Power 30W
Voltage Range 100-277V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Current Amp @ 120V 0.25
Amp @ 208V 0.14
Amp @ 220V 0.14
Amp @ 230V 0.13
Amp @ 240V 0.13
Amp @ 277V 0.11
PF >0.95
THD <10%
Thermal Management Passive
BTU 102
Dimensions (L x W x H) 600mm x 57mm x 39mm
Weight (Driver Included) 1.0±0.3kg
Working Temperature 0°C to 40°C
Storing Temperature -40°C - 70°C
IP Rating IP65
Warranty 3 Years

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