Holman Shrubbler Dripper on Spike 5 Pack

Sale price$13.50


The PC Shrubbler/Emitter is a Pressure Compensating dripper (PC). This means that all your shrubblers will operate with the same output, along the same irrigation line! Even when inlet water pressures fluctuate, each shrubbler will operate like the one next to it. This guarantees uniform watering coverage and is great for your garden.
The PC shrubbler has a fixed flow rate of 24 litres per hour (at 100kPa), there is no need to do any adjusting. They will all operate the same. Applications: Pots, planter boxes, balcony, patio, and landscape applications.
• Pressure compensating
• Gentle watering
• Removable cap
• 4mm Micro Connection
• 24L/hr flow rate
• Pack of 5

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