Holman Raised Garden Bed 1200 x 600 x 300

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Expand your garden without any limits using our modular Raised Garden Beds. This black rattan design is made from 100% recycled PP plastic. Connect as many modules as you need to expand on your existing Raised Garden Bed. With one 300mm high bay, this kit alone is perfect to start growing a range of herbs and veggies.
Features and Benefits
• Easy assembly without tools
• Expandable design
• Includes irrigation kit
• Requires 216L of potting mix
• 3 year warranty
Made using recycled materials
The side panels, irrigation kit and end caps for the Raised Garden Bed are made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic! We work with an ISO 14001 Certified manufacturer with effective environmental management systems to deliver you sustainable options.
• Product dimensions: 1200mm × 600mm × 300mm
• Weight: 9.7kg
• Material: Recycled wood composite
• Requires 216L of Potting Mix
Package Contents
• 14 × 600mm × 150mm panels
• 6 × 300mm corner posts
• 12 × Threaded locking caps
• 2 × Twista® spray nozzles
• 1 × 12mm snap-on adaptor
• 1 × 4mm barb to 20mm faucet adaptor
• 1 × 4mm barbed tee
• 1 × 2m × 4mm micro poly tube

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