HM TDS Meter

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Usage Tips:
  • Turn on the switch and then place the electrode into the testing solution (Remarks: the height of the testing solution is less than 2 cm).
  • Use the meter to stir the testing solution for a while and then press the HOLD button and take it out of the solution to read after numerically stable for 2-6 seconds.
  • After reading, turn off the meter, and then wipe and clean the electrode with pure water before sleeving it.​
  • Factory Calibrated. If there's a measuring error, just stir in Alcohol for 3 seconds to clean The Sensor.
  • 5 minute auto shut off feature, extends battery life.
  • Measurement  Range:Conductivity;0—9990us/cm TDS: 0—5000ppm
  • Degrees Celsius:0.1—80.0℃F:32.0—176.0℉
  • Accuracy: Plus/Minus 2%
  • N.W: 55g
  • Size:154X30X14(mm)
  • 3 functions in 1, that is, TDS value( unit:ppm),Temperature, Conductivity
  • The Temperature Shift function; continuously touch the SHIFT button twice, degrees Celsius and degrees Fahrenheit conversed, the factory defaults degrees Celsius.
  • Lock function; easy to read and record, the instrument will lock the reading. 5-minute auto shut off in order that the battery won’t run off.
  • Applied Temperature:0℃-50℃ and the meter can be stored at below 30℃
  • LCD(liquid crystal display) window: Waterproof, easy to check the value and has the endurable performance.
  • Long battery lifetime: two batteries (1.5 V ), lifetime up to 3 years or more.
  •  Convenient for people to use the meter sleeve as a container to test the water/solution.
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation
  • The instrument with automatic temperature compensation function under measurement mode.

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