Grow Saber LED Bar

Option: 30cm, 10W, 6500K
Sale price$78.50


HORTITEK GROWSABER LED Light features Less power consumption and much higher efficiency than traditional fluorescent lamps. Delivers maximum grow light for propagation / vegetative (6500K type). Covers all colour spectrum with an 80% CRI creating a more natural light source compared to the common LEDs on the market. Dust proof & water resistant. 
Hortitek Grow Saber LED 6500K 20Watts 60cm
Hortitek Grow Saber LED 6500K 30Watts 90cm
Hortitek Grow Saber LED 6500K 40Watts 120cm
Hortitek Grow Saber LED 3000K 60Watts 150cm
All Hortitek Grow Sabres have dimensions that are 8.5cm wide and 4.5cm in depth.

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