Green Cleaner Organic Mite Cleaner Concentrate

Size: 2oz/60ml
Sale price$29.50


Spider Mite & Powdery Mildew Destroyer
Also Kills Broad Mites & Russet Mites
Spray Green Cleaner on plants of every age, from clones through harvest.
Unlike other products, spider mites do not get immune to Green Cleaner. Kills mites and their eggs.
Washes powdery mildew right off the plant. All natural, you can even use Green Cleaner on the day of harvest.
Green Clean is a concentrate, a 2oz bottle will make 1 to 4 gallons (3.8Ltrs - 15Ltrs) of solution and can be used during any stage of development through harvest without the use of any kind of protective gear. No suiting up to spray... What a concept... 
Shake Green Clean REALLY WELL before measuring and again after adding to water! Shake every few minutes while spraying.. Do not spray late flowering plants in their last couple weeks before harvest at a heavy mix more than a time or two. Better to spray a lite mix and to spray more often. Green Clean will kill every mite you can spray it on, but you can't spray Green Clean on the inner flower, but you can keep them under control.
With spider mites, you need to kill them before flowering or in early flowering. Every plant brought into grow room should be quarantined and deemed clean before entering.
It's really important that Green Clean gets mixed well before measuring to make the spray. When adding to water, mix again, and shake spray device every few minutes to keep it mixed. We use a pressurized pump type sprayer set to the finest spray possible. It's also important to spray without main lights on in the grow room. Let plants dry well before lights are turned back on. Spray in early morning outdoors.
Application Rate (Per Litre of Water ):
  • Rooted Clones: 5-7ml/Ltr
  • Mothers Infested: 7ml/Ltr
  • Maintenance: 3-5ml/Ltr
  • Plant Wash: 3-5ml/Ltr
  • Powdery Mildew: 3-7ml/Ltr
  • Scarid Fly 2-5ml/Ltr as a drench
First thing is to get rid of leaves that are less than healthy. Leaves that are curled, dried out, yellowed, leaves that are less than healthy. Don't be pulling them off and throwing them on the ground, you have to remove them from the area. Second thing, if you can control the temp, cool the grow room and keep it as cool as possible, 18º Celsius if possible 24 hours a day. It will slow growth of plants but it will also slow the growth of bugs. Turn temps back to normal when you have regained control. Third thing, saturate thoroughly. You need to spray every surface of the plant, miss a bug or egg and you still have them, simple as that. Make sure to cover the whole plant and everything around it. Lastly, don't go from plant to plant without cleaning up between plants. 

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