Growlush 130w CFL Light Kit

Spectrum: 2700K/ 6400K Dual
Sale price$100.00


This latest CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp) Light is the New Hydroponic Setup that Offers High Quality Growing Light at a fraction of the Cost of Standard setups. This means you save money, while still getting an effective result.

The development of high-output Hydroponic fluorescent means you can now get the correct colour spectrum, always associated with fluorescents, but with much higher light output. This means that Hydroponic Fluoro’s are now capable of much, much higher lumen output with all the benefits of the ideal, spectrum output.

Photon/Lumen strength is now a lot stronger and these new lamps generate much less heat so that CFL can be placed just inches above the leaves, and this is a very, very important factor when using grow lamps.

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