Gardman Soil pH Meter

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GARDMAN Soil pH Meter

The Gardman Soil pH Meter is ideal for checking alkalinity or acidity of soils, allowing you to give the best of care to your plants and crops. A full set of instructions and optimum pH levels guide are included in the kit.

  • Easy to use
  • Great value
  • Helps with optimum plant and crop care


How to use:
Preparation of Soil Sample
Remove topsoil to a depth of 50mm (2 inch).
Use hand fork to loosen remaining soil, removing stones and other debris.
Mix soil with water (preferably rainwater)
Preparation of Meter
Lightly abrade probe but not top, with fine abrasive paper.
Wipe with cloth or tissue.
Taking a pH Reading
Insert the probe into the soil with a twisting motion.
Leave for one minute then read dial.
Remove, clean and prepare probe as previously described and repeat above by inserting the probe into a different but adjacent point to check the first reading.
Assessing the Reading
A reading of 4 to 7 = acidic soil. A reading or 7 to 8 = alkaline soil.
To reduce acidity apply 300g/m2 of ground limestone for every 1 pH increase required.
To increase acidity apply 70g/m2 of sulphate of ammonia.
Founded in 1992, Gardman has established itself as the UK’s leading garden products provider, built from over 25 years of experience in the industry and from a detailed understanding of a Gardener's needs. The Gardman brand also offers other premium brands including Cole & Bright, Moulton Mill, Edenbloom and Grow.

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