Fohse O6i Series LED Fixture

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The Best Grow Lights for Cannabis: The O6i by Fohse
The O6i re-imagines greenhouse illumination. It presents high-quality and powerful greenhouse grow lights in a compact size. With an IP65 rating, the O6i can effectively sustain the humidity inside any grow tent.
Compact Size. Significant Output.
Central to your crop’s success is the idea that greater photon density leads to more carbon assimilation, which means more biomass for a successful crop. The O6i packs more photons into each footprint than any other greenhouse light on the market. It is paired with a spectral distribution ideal for complimenting natural sunlight.
Precision Photon Density
O6i is designed to make switching from HPS to LED as easy as possible without overhauling electrical or truss infrastructure. It offers 50% greater output than a 1000W DE HPS. These energy-efficient greenhouse grow lights also provide 42% greater efficacy. No infrared spike generating unnecessary heat.
Automated Light Response
An O6i system is bundled with 'Light Harvesting' sensors that measure the natural light in your greenhouse. It doesn’t matter if it’s exposed to cloud cover or seasonal daylight fluctuations. The O6i are the greenhouse grow lights that adjust to any amount of light.
Light Harvesting allows for self-adjustment in increments as little as 1% in real time based on the ever-changing light conditions in your greenhouse. This makes it one of the most flexible and better performing LED lights to grow plants.
The Last Fixture Purchase You'll Make
It’s no secret that LEDs last significantly longer than legacy HID systems. In an O6i greenhouse with Light Harvesting technology the effect of this truth is compounded considerably. By running the fixtures only when and as much as needed, the lifespan of your O6i system is generational.
With the O6i you get long-lasting and cost-saving greenhouse grow lights that don’t require constant maintenance. Enjoy the best grow lights for cannabis without constant upgrading with the O6i.
Cool Diodes are Efficient Diodes.
That’s our secret to packing so much power into each footprint with the O6i. LED lights to grow plants. Aircraft-grade aluminum heat sinks and two hyper-efficient variable speed fans keep the O6i’s LEDs operating at peak efficiency. Add to that the lack of IR spike rampant in HID systems, and you have a greenhouse where heat can be an ally.
Made for Damp Environments
Any controlled cultivation environment is susceptible to the rigors of fluctuating humidity. That humidity can be a serious risk to sensitive electronics. This is especially true in greenhouses where humidity can turn into condensation and condensation into drips. We built the O6i to achieve an IP65 rating, which means drips will never be a problem. In fact, with an IP65 rating you can hose your fixtures down post-harvest without ever taking them down. The O6i are the best grow lights for cannabis for a reason, they are a real time saver.
Easily Integrate With Your Environment
With the O6i design, we wanted to make the transition to LED grow lights as seamless as possible for greenhouses that currently use HID systems. True to its position as one of the best grow lights for cannabis, the O6i is simple. You only need to plug it in, and it’s ready to achieve unmatched results.
O6i Fixture Specifications
Wattage: 1200W
PPE: 2.64 μmol/J
PPF: 3168 μmol/s
PPE: 2.64 μmol/J
PPF: 3168 μmol/s
LED Type: Samsung 301D + Osram Red 660nm
Consumption Wattage at 100% Power: 1200
Maximum BTU Output: 4092
Input Voltage Options: 208-480
Max Ambient Air Operating Temp: 104°F
Dimensions: x 20.3cm x 25.4cm
Weight: 15kgs

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