Fohse F1V LED Grow Light

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The F1V by Fohse, the Best LED Grow Lights for Cannabis.
The F1V is designed to master cultivation in vertical environments of all sizes. More than enough power and just the right amount of heat make this the best full-spectrum LED grow lights.
Enhance Your Cultivation with FOHSE's F1V: The Epitome of LED Grow Lighting
Welcome to FOHSE! Introducing the F1V, our meticulously crafted solution for optimal cannabis growth in vertical environments. Discover the epitome of excellence with the best full spectrum LED grow lights tailored to be the best grow lights for weed enthusiasts. Experience ample vertical power and precision heat management. Choose F1V for cultivation mastery with the best full-spectrum LED grow lights.
n real time based on the ever-changing light conditions in your greenhouse. This makes it one of the most flexible and better performing LED lights to grow plants.
It's About Striking a Balance
The F1V is a high-quality, full-spectrum light that completely transforms vertical grow spaces. These are truly the best grow lights for indoor plants. The F1V offers commercial growers:
Plenty of power.
No thermal excess.
The opportunity to never again move your lights to 'chase canopy'.
Precision Photon Density
Uniform photon density is key to predictable crop performance. When we're finished planning, simulating, installing, and calibrating your F1V system, you'll be growing under uniform light levels. The F1V claims the title of best LED grow lights for cannabis thanks to its great precision. It doesn’t deliver hot or cool spots, just steady heat and power through the entire coverage area.
At Fohse, we work to deliver solutions that fit your individual lighting needs. Featuring configurations that are customized to your own grow tent, your F1V is truly yours. We also provide cooling and power consumption estimates to present how these unique LED lights can lower your costs. Enjoy the best full-spectrum LED grow lights on the market with the F1V.
Multiple Configurations
Every F1V is custom made to order, which means we build these led grow lights for vertical farming to suit the specific parameters of your cultivation environment. The F1V 420W and 600W models are typically suited for vegetative growth. On the other hand, the F1V 800W and 1000W models perform best in flowering environments.
At Fohse, we care about transparency and we explain in full detail how we obtain our performance figures. The F1V goes through 4 steps of a thorough design and testing process. This process includes using industry-best practices and certified, 3rd party verification. This helps us ensure the F1V truly has the figures to be the best full-spectrum LED grow light on the market.
An Investment That Endures
Low cost HID systems like ceramic metal halide or high-pressure sodium systems are attractive. However, if you dig a layer deeper into the accumulating costs of perpetual bulb maintenance, the ugly truth becomes readily apparent. The best grow lights for indoor plants require full and long-term functionality. The F1V eliminates ongoing and perpetual maintenance costs entirely.
Thermodynamically Balanced
The F1V form factor is a dual-purpose design. It utilizes passive cooling to keep the diodes operating at peak efficiency. It also disperses heat so efficiently that you’ll be able to bring your ambient room temperatures up. This drives critical RuBisCO reactions closer to their full potential for increased carbon assimilation.
With its unbeatable thermodynamic balance, the F1V ensures more cannabinoids make it to harvest. Using the best grow lights for indoor plants guarantees the best-quality harvests for years to come.
Made for Damp Environments
Every F1V is custom made to order, which means we build them to suit the specific parameters of your cultivation environment. The F1V 600W is typically suited for vegetative growth in vertical environments. On the other hand, the F1V 1000W performs best in flowering vertical environments.
Find the best LED grow lights for cannabis that fits your cultivation needs. The F1V offers a variety of customized solutions to enhance your plants growing process.
Easily Integrate With Your Environment
Installation is simple and the learning curve with high-intensity LED lights is short. If you’ve never cultivated under high-intensity light levels, don't worry. We have a long list of cultivation experts who have had success with our fixtures. These experts are standing by to coach you and your team to incredible harvests.
F1V 1000W Specifications:
PPE: 2.60 μmol/J
PPF: 2600 μmol/s
LED Type: San’an 3V 2835+San’an 3535 660nm +San’an 3030 730nm
Consumption Wattage at 100% Power: 1000
Maximum BTU Output: 3410
Input Voltage Options: Low Voltage 120-277 High Voltage 250-480
Max Ambient Air Operating Temp: 104°F
Dimensions: 115.5cm x 106.7cm x 11.4cm
Weight: 17.7Kg

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