Inline Flushing Valve 15mm Male Threaded BSP Fitting

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In line drip systems are comprised of lots of small outlets that must be kept free of any blockages. This is done by including two components within your system: i) an inline filter and ii) a Flushing valve.
The flushing valve purges out an amount of water every time the drip system is started up. This ensures that any build-up of grit & debris is removed from the system and is flushed out. The flushing valve must be installed at the lowest point of both the feed and collection manifolds.
The valve requires a minimum pressure of 7 meters (70kPa) to close off the water flow. If a flushing valve is fitted, the system is likely to drain until empty. The BEST option for flushing a low pressure system is to use a manually operated valve. This way your able to flush out any debris & ensure the system is fully closed off manually.
• Flush Dirt From Drip Line
• Cleans At System Start
• Maintains Drip Line Performance
• Self Cleaning

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