Floraltec Cure

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Floraltec Cure Flower Enhancer 1Ltr

Cure® is a market leading natural crop enhancer designed to give you a superior flower product. A natural essential oil preservative, Cure® not only helps protect your harvested flowers from deterioration & oxidation, but it also enhances the plant€™s rich trichome & flower structures.

Cure€™s® 100% plant-based formula is derived via proprietary enzyme technology. It harnesses the amazing properties of cellobiose and soluble plant fibre by encouraging flowers to take these compounds up upon application. The end result is an increase in shelf life, quality & harvested yields.


  1. Add contents to room temperature water (25ºC) at a 1:1 ratio i.e. half strength.
  2. Drench freshly harvested flowers with solution. This is best achieved by fully immersing freshly harvested flower material in a container of the solution & gently pressing down to squeeze out air bubbles.
  3. Remove from the container and drain off any excess solution using a suitable strainer. Drain time may vary depending on the volume/type of flowers being prepared. Typically 15-30 minutes will suffice.
  4. Place drained flowers in a single layer on an airing rack. Flowers need to be quickly dried (2-4 days) in a sealed room with dehumidifiers & oscillating fans to generate a flow of warm dry air. Air temperature should be kept above 27.5ºC (81.5ºF) at all times.

Best Practice Drying Method

For optimal results, Floraltec€™s recommended best practice drying method should be followed using a fully sealed drying room, several oscillating fans & a dehumidifier. Use duct tape to seal all gaps or drafts in room. Generally, one small household dehumidifier will be enough to extract moisture from the yield of a small number of plants.

Arrange flowers on airing rack in drying room then turn on your dehumidifier (at its highest setting) & oscillating fans. Seal the drying room using your duct tape & leave the dehumidifier & fan running until flowers are dry.

Air temperature inside the drying room should be kept above 27.5ºC (81.5ºF) at all times. Rapid airflow of warm, dry air is necessary to prevent mould spores germinating. Expect to see the relative humidity inside the room to rise to between 80-100% within the first 12-24hrs as the dehumidifier starts extracting the moisture from the air.

The objective is to dry your flowers as quickly as reasonably possible, therefore your flowers should be at least ¾ of the way to being dry within 36-48hrs & your relative humidity inside the drying room should have drop down to below 50%. If process is taking longer than 72hrs then you need to be increasing the airflow & speeding up the process via more fans, more heaters or another dehumidifier.

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