EcoBug Organic Insect & Mite Spray 1L

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Multicrop EcoBug is a 100% Organic Insect and Mite Spray for Vegies, Fruit & Herbs.
For the control of insect pests on indoor and outdoor plants, fruit and nut trees and vegetables in the home garden and nurseries.
• 100% Organic, NASAA Certified 3264M.
• New generation, broad-spectrum insecticide.
• Also referred to as natural soap insecticide.
• No withholding period.
• Effective on a wide variety of insect pests including: Aphid, Leafhopper, Mite, Thrip, Whitefly, Mealy bug, Scale & Fungus Nat.
• Ideal on vegies and flowers.
Active Constituents: 8.5g/L Potassium Salts of Fatty Acids.

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