Easy As Organic Water Only Soil 25Ltr Bag

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Just water it!
Easy as organics is a water only, full harvest soil blend. No need for bottled fertilizers ever! Never adjust the pH of your water. Produce the highest quality flowers, fruits, and vegetables with fantastic yields and incredible flavours.
Canadian sphagnum peat moss, Big Bio Worm Casting, scoria, plant based compost, charged biochar, basalt rock dust, ground malted barley, soft coral lime, gypsum, acadian kelp meal, neem seed meal, mycorrhizae, calcium bentonite.
Grow organic plants the easy way!  Easy As Organics Water Only Soil is a living soil for growing top quality organic flowers, fruits and vegetables. Ideal for indoor or outdoor use in fabric containers. Natural compounds in this soil encourage increased flower sites, heavy fruits and pronounced colours with fantastic yeilds.
Made in Australia from certified organic and all natural ingredients.
The easiest way to an incredible harvest
We make organic growing easy as! All you need is light, water and a sheltered environment. Let your plants do the rest. Easy As Organics Water Only Soil is living and contains a balanced mineral profile that your plant needs for superior health, vigorous growth and successful harvests with only water. No need to test water pH.
Don’t throw the soil away
This soil will provide many harvests using only water for up to 6 months. Or take your gardening to the next level by using no till methods. Your soil can last a life time.
Allow your plants to reach their genetic potential and produce the best quality harvests.  Experience complex and amazing flavours and aromas from incredible terpene production.
Gardening with Easy As Organics is as easy as 1, 2, 3
1.Fill your container with Easy As Organics Soil and water thoroughly.
2.Put your seed, clone or plant directly in the centre of container.
3.Gently water the soil and keep it evenly moist all the way to harvest
An Ecosystem of Plant Available Nutrients
Every bag contains living organic soil that promotes a healthy food web of beneficial microorganisms and predators. As you progress into your grow cycle you may notice a diverse range of insects underneath the mulch. These microbes break down nutrients for your plants and protect them from pests. They are your friends! 

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