Digi Lumen 600w e-Ballast with PWM

Sale price$110.00


This updated Digital Ballast with PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) and 2 x RJ connectors allows you to remote control your HPS light or Digi-lumen LED light - daisy chain and more. 
Use this ballast with your current HPS globe or with the new Digi-Lumen Retro LED Array.
Experience advanced engineering with cost-effective and electrically stable Digi-Lumen dimmable ballasts, designed to withstand harsh environments and high voltage power grids. These innovative ballasts offer the flexibility to adjust the power output across four distinct settings, providing an all-in-one lighting solution for your plants.

The versatile settings include Seed & Clone mode (250W), Vegetative & Power Save mode (400W), Flower mode (600W), and Super-Lumens mode (690W) for exceptional flowering during cooler days. Effortlessly dim the ballast when temperatures rise and increase the power as they cool down, ensuring optimal growing conditions for your plants.

Digi-Lumen ballasts are compatible with both MH and HPS 600W Single Ended lamps, offering a comprehensive and adaptable lighting solution for all your indoor gardening needs. Embrace the future of plant lighting with the Digi-Lumen dimmable ballasts.

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