Can Silencer 250mm 10 inch (380mm x 1000mm)

Option: 250mm Flange
Sale price$225.00


Fan Silencers are placed in line with your ventilation system and act as a damper that reduces noise caused by moving air.
The only real all metal silencer in the world!
Fully Imported from Holland. And the only one that really works!  
Using the same principles as a car/truck/gun silencer.
Also, the can system is totally versatile in that any flange can be fitted to either end of the silencer! 

Includes 2 x Flanges Fitted

Filter - 380mm Diameter x 1000mm Length
Flange - 200mm or 250mm Diameter
Material: Steel
Length: 100cm
Weight: 10Kg
Diameter: 300mm
Flange: 200mm or 250mm

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