Bullet Herb Grinder Metal 3 Piece

Sale price$16.95


The Bulldog team have released this solid 3-part metal grinder that consists of three durable metal pieces that all screw together perfectly to create a tight smooth seal when in use. The top of the grinder is decorated with the iconic Bulldog face and the words The Bulldog and Amsterdam embossed on its lid.

These great metal grinders all come with a pollen screen and a compartment for building up and storing. A plastic scraper is also included with your purchase to scrape with great ease. The grinder is equipped with sharp diamond cut teeth that have been perfectly positioned to effortlessly break-up and grind your herb mix into a fluffy texture, ready to be used.

This solid grinder is a great choice for people who are out and about or always on the go as it performs perfectly and due to the metal construction, is also very tough and durable.

  • Durable metal construction
  • Easy to clean
  • Embossed logo on lid
  • 3-part design
  • Endlessly reusable
  • Pollen screen and compartment
  • Sharp diamond cut teeth
  • Plastic scraper included

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