BugGuard Organic Insect & Mite Spray 1L

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BugGuard Features:
• Organic certified
• Controls a wide range of insect pests
• Can be used on a wide range of plants including Vegetables
• Eco Friendly, no withholding period
• Sometimes referred to as a natural soap insecticide
BugGuard® controls insect pests including: Aphid, Leafhopper, Mite, Thrip, Whitefly, Mealy bug, Scale & Fungus Nat. BugGuard coats the insect causing suffocation and desiccation of the insect pests.
Ideal for vegetables, ornamentals and pot plants.
BugGuard® is formulated using potassium salts combined with fatty acids in a vegetable oil base.
BugGuard® is an ideal fit for Integrated Pest Management programs, as it has a different mode of action and is softer on beneficial predators than many other currently used insecticides.
BugGuard® has nil residual, making it safe in the environment

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