Hydro Clay 50L Bag

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Hydro clay is a natural expanded clay aggregate is a long lasting soilless growing medium for Aquaponics, Hydroponics and Gardening. It can also be used for decorating indoor and outdoor pots and gardens.
Hydro clay is pH stable and therefore does not affect or change the pH conditions around the root zone. This allows the nutrients to do the job it was intended to do. It doesn’t contain nuisance chemicals such as sodium which could otherwise adversely affect plant health.
Hydro clay is compatible with soluble Hydroponic specific nutrients and Aquaponic growing systems. Nutrients include such as Hydro Growth and Bloom two-part formula and single part formulas. Hydro clay is great for the home gardener and large-scale commercial growers. It’s suitable for a broad number of crops and can be also used to helps drainage at the bottom of pots using cocopeat or soil.
• Premium quality
• Derived from natural sources
• Reusable
• pH stable
• No harmful chemicals added
• Low salt
• Excellent drainage
• High water holding porosity

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