Bud Trainer Bud Huggers

Size: 16ft/5mtrs
Sale price$12.95


Train Your Plants & Increase Your Yields With The BudHuggers
Plant Training. Made Easy.
The BudHuggers make plant training fast & easy. All you need is a set of plier cutters, and you can train up 30+ branches with the 16ft reel or up to 100 branches with the 50ft reel.
For Hugging Your Plants
The ergonomic 3mm-thick rubber cover on the BudHuggers's metal wire make them ideal for training hemp all the way from seedlings to mature flowering plants. 
The Strongest Branches.
The BudHuggers turn your branches into colossal stalks that pump as much juice to your leaves and flowers as your plants can handle. More BudHuggers = stronger branches.
The BudHuggers are made to last 5+ years of intense use.
BudHuggers plant training garden wire ties on transparent png background
Why Are The BudHuggers Special?
• Reusable & washable for up to 5 years
• Thinnest & strongest  wire in the market
• More canopy area, airflow and light
• Fast & easy to train - great for beginners
• Extra thin rubber-coated design
• Can be used to push or pull branches

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