The Bucket Company 4 Planter Medical Stake Growers Kit

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The Medical Planter™ is the World’s First and Only Patent Pending Medical Grade Planter made with FDA and EPA Approved Plastics.

With the same unique design of our Ez-Pz Planters, The Medical Planters keep your planters disease free and your plants healthy by eliminating 99.95% of E-Coli, Mold and Algae in just 24 Hours! 


  • Dimensions: L 19.75" x W 19.75" x H 16.625"
  • Drain: 3/4" / 1-1/16"
  • PVC Legs (Optional): 1.25”
  • Recommended Reservoir per 4 Buckets: (Gallons / Liters): 24-26 Gallons / 90-100 Liters)
  • Ideal Pump to Suit: Rio 12HF (Around 1982L per hour)
  • Any Media Can Be Used with Our Planters


Kit Breakdown:

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