Brunnings Orchid Mix

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Brunnings Orchid Potting Mix has been specifically formulated to suit the growing needs of cymbidiums and other terrestrial orchids. It is a coarse, open mixture with excellent drainage whist retaining adequate moisture for your orchids.
How to use:
Repotting of Orchids:
Re-potting should be done every two years, minimum, to replace growing material and prevent over crowding of roots. Do this after flowering. Remove dead roots and leaves from your plant. Place two handfuls of large bark pieces on the bottom of the new pot, don’t block drainage holes. Centre plant in pot, hand fill the mix around root system. Compress mix without damaging roots. Continue process until pot is filled to bottom rim.
Watering should always be a heavy soaking and then left to dry, weekly in summer, fortnightly in winter. Do not over water. Using Brunnings Easy Wetta twice a year will ensure even and uniform penetration of water.
Feed regularly using light amounts of plant food. Orchids can be fed after each watering. Nitrophoska Slow Release provides all the nutrient requirements to promote healthy growth and beautiful flowers. Do not fertilise when orchids are dormant.
Positioning of Pots:
Cymbidium Orchids like air movement around them so ensure adequate ventilation by placing pots 25cm – 30cm apart. An easterly aspect is ideal. In winter orchids generally accept full sunlight but need only 50% - 60% during summer and early autumn.

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