Bio Diesel Complete Starter Kit

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Bio Diesel Starter Pack (Also includes, T'shirt or Hoodie, Stickers & Grow Chart)
 *Other Samples may be added subject to availability. We have Azos Sample Included in Latest Batch of Kits and also a Hoodie*
Green diamond A & B 1Ltr Pair
This is a complete base nutrient rich in ALL required macro and micro nutrients required for vigorous growth and flowering.
Designed for high performance Hydroponic and Coco Fibre systems. It contains natural chelates and organic plant metabolites, combined with pure minerals of the highest quality.
Additional Trace elements, B Vitamins, Fulvic acid and Bio Stimulants are added to produce a powerful Bio Fused nutrient, complete in all micro and macro minerals needed for healthy plant production in hydroponic mediums.
Green Diamond is a complete base nutrient for both grow and bloom stages.
Dependent on stage add 2ml - 4ml per L of PART A to water stir then add 2 - 4ml per L PART B and stir.
Bio One 250ml
Bio Diesel Bio-One contains a blend of beneficial plant and ocean ferments that inoculates your plant root zone with diverse, salt tolerant beneficial microbes. The enhanced microbiome speeds up nutrient cycling and signalling while also protecting your plant from pathogens and disease.
  • Contains nutrient solubilizing bacteria and fungi.
  • Enzyme's breakdown any organic matter and biofilms.
  • Increases uptake and bioavailability of minerals.
  • Creates a larger healthy root zone.
  • Protects the plant from pathogens and disease.
  • Protects the plant from stress and nutrient imbalance.
Bio Diesel Marine CAMG+ 250ml
An amazing new growth enhancer designed specifically for medical cultivation.
Naturally sourced marine ingredients including crustacean derived chitin for high levels of natural micronized Calcium and trace elements.
MARINE also provides fast acting Nitrogen and 100% natural growth stimulants from the sea for faster, lush growth and much larger, heavy yielding branches. Perfect for extra large plants and longer more demanding growth cycles.
   • Bigger, healthier plants for blooms
   • Enhanced plant cell division and growth rates
   • Increased tolerance to stress and insects
   • Contains natural growth regulators for faster growth rates
   • Crustacean derived fast acting natural micronized Calcium
   • Big benefits for large plants that require 6-8 week vegetative cycles.
   • Quickly corrects nutrient deficiencies of Ca, Mg or N in as little as 24-48hrs
MARINE CaMg+ is also a perfect Foliar Spray for a fast acting vegetative boost or to quickly correct nutrient deficiencies in as little as 24/48 hrs as soon as the nutrient pathways are clear.
Apply to nutrient tank at the rate of 1ml per Litre after mixing your base nutrient solution.
Supernatural 250ml
A premium organic root and shoot stimulant
Made from a blend of organic Sea Algae extracts and Bio Diesels famous Bio Stimulants. Supernatural helps your plants create massive lateral feeder roots, increased nutrient uptake and immediate plant response.
   • Contains organic Bio Stimulants
   • Ideal for correcting plant stress and trace element deficiency
   • Faster rooting and plant growth
   • Increased flowering sites for increased blooms
   • Immediate plant growth response
   • Compatible with all nutrient programs
   • Contains full spectrum trace elements
   • Ideal for soil or Hydroponics
Supernatural can be used in Soil and Hydroponics and is perfect for Coco fibre, Clay balls or any inert hydroponic media.
• Clonings and Seedlings
Cloning Cubes and chambers 0.25ml/L of water
Seedling establishment 0.25ml/L of water
Rooted cuttings and Seedlings 0.50ml/L of water
• Soil
0.5ml/L on Young Plants
1.0ml/L on Plants over 50cm tall
Use through Vegetative stages through to the middle of the Flowering stage.
• Hydroponics
0.5ml/L on Young Plants
1.0ml/L on Plants over 50cm tall
Add to the nutrient tank after adding your base nutrient. Use throughout the Vegetative stage and through the 3rd week of Flowering.
• Foliar Spray
Supernatural can be used as a foliar on its own or be combined with Aloevate to create an impressive foliar growth booster.
Aloevate 1Ltr
A 100% Natural plant tonic that contains hundreds of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Made from blended desert plant extracts, it contains natural salicylic acid (silica) Auxins, Amino Acids, Saponins and enzymes that enhance microlife, protect your root zone and break down any dead roots and unused mineral salts to keep the plant roots clean and functioning at peak performance with healthy microbe colonization.
Aloevate will improve your plants size, vitality and overall growth rates while protecting it from disease. Plants become stronger with thicker cell walls with a higher water holding capacity.
• Nutrient Tank
Add to your nutrient solution last, at the rate of 2ml -5ml per Liter of solution.
You can use at 5ml/L throughout both grow and bloom cycles or use:
Grow stage 2ml /L and Bloom Stage 5ml/L to make it more economical for larger systems.
• Foliar Spray
Powerful organic chelating agent and wetting agent to help carry minerals and vitamins into your plant and enhance the cell wall thickness and vitality.
Use at 5ml/L Weekly During Lights out period with good air circulation.
It is recommended that you don't foliar spray anything after 4th week of bloom.
Aloevate your yields to a higher level.
Bio Diesel Bloom Booster 1Ltr
Designed for increased essential oil production and heavier overall bud and flower size.
Bio Diesel puts the biology back into hydroponic systems.
The original BIO DIESEL combines the best bloom stimulants mother nature has on offer. Sustainably sourced and manufactured, Bio Diesel is made by blending fully digested vegetable proteins, complex sugars, Fulvic and Amino acids suspended in a triple filtered micronized guano solution.
Nutrient Tank
Bloom stage, Week 1 - 3
Add Bio Diesel to your nutrient solution at 2ml per Litre. Continue to use with every watering at this strength until the end of the third week of flower.
Bloom stage, Week 4 -6
Add Bio Diesel to your nutrient solution at 5ml per Litre. Continue to use at this strength until the end of week 6 of bloom.
Stop using Bio Diesel with 1-2 weeks to go to allow your plants to stop developing more new bud and properly ripen before harvest.
Rhino K 250ml
New Rhino K Potassium Bloom Booster
Harder Flowers with more swollen enlarged bud calyxes and higher trichome production.
Rhino K promotes more flowering sites with denser development and heavy blooms. This unique form of Potassium, combined with Vitamins and Fulvates ensures maximum nutrient availability while also increasing the transfer of key sugars.
Rhino K does not contain Phosphorous and is more microbe friendly than most PK bloom additives.
The pure 15% Potassium solution is ideal for creating more bud burst and should be used during the last 3 weeks of budding to harden and swell flowers during the later demanding stages of bloom. Fulvates maximise key nutrient movement, directing all energy and plant reserves towards bud formation and enhanced trichrome and increased oil production.
Rhino K is specially formulated to leave no harsh residues and produce a clean, heavy harvest without harsh chemicals or heavy metals.
Bud Burst Flowering onset week 1 of Flowering cycle
Foliar Spray 1ml/L during lights off.
Nutrient Tank
Add 1ml /L of Rhino K for the LAST 3 weeks of the Flowering cycle.
Crystal Clear 1Ltr
Crystal Clear has been designed specifically for Coco Fibre to release the ionic bond between locked up minerals and coco fibre which helps to clear nutrient pathways and make nutrients mobile again when fertilizers are later applied.
Crystal Clear removes the harsh taste and presence of fertilizers or unwanted chemicals from the finished produce resulting in a sweeter, cleaner experience for the end user.
• Flushes out bonded mineral salts from coco pith and fibre.
• Increases natural flavor, sweetness and Brix levels at the end of harvest.
• Flushes minerals from plant reserves and helps to clear nutrient pathways and protect against mineral lockouts.
• Minimizes water use when flushing.
• Removes the taste and presence of fertilizers and unwanted chemicals from the finished produce resulting in a sweeter, cleaner experience.
Final Flush (last 7 days)
Use Crystal Clear at 5ml per Litre of water. Water plants every day until end of harvest for sweeter cleaner produce.

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