Bell Siphon For Grow Beds

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Efficient Automatic Bell Siphon for Aquaponic Grow Beds
Enhance your aquaponic system with our Automatic Bell Siphon, specifically designed for 220mm and 300mm deep grow beds. This essential component, also known as an auto siphon, ensures optimal flood and drain cycles for grow beds between 200L and 1000L, promoting healthy plant growth and a balanced aquatic environment.
Features and Benefits
• Perfect for 220mm and 300mm deep grow beds: Specially designed to suit a variety of aquaponic systems, maximising grow bed efficiency.
• Optimal flood and drain cycles: Regulates water levels in your grow bed to prevent root rot and promote healthy plant growth.
• Easy installation: Simply drill a 30mm hole at the lowest point of your grow bed and follow the step-by-step installation guide provided.
• Complete set: Comes with rubber seals and outlet pipe tail to ensure a snug fit and enhanced durability.
• Full-colour instructions: Easy-to-follow instructions are included to assist you in setting up and troubleshooting your Automatic Bell Siphon.
How to Use
1. Drill a 30mm hole at the lowest point of your grow bed for proper installation of the siphon.
2. Follow the step-by-step installation guide provided in the full-colour instructions for proper assembly.
3. Maintain your Automatic Bell Siphon according to the guide to ensure optimal performance and longevity.
4. Make sure to select the right size siphon for your grow bed's media depth, using the sizing guidelines provided in the product description.
• What is an Automatic Bell Siphon and what is its purpose in aquaponics?
An Automatic Bell Siphon is a device used in flood and drain aquaponics to regulate the water levels in a grow bed. It works by automatically creating a siphon once the water reaches a certain height, allowing the water to drain out and then refill, repeating the flood and drain cycle.
• Can I use the Automatic Bell Siphon for grow beds of varying sizes?
Yes, this bell siphon is suitable for grow beds between 200L and 1000L, with a depth of 220mm to 300mm.
• How do I install an Automatic Bell Siphon in the grow bed?
To install the Automatic Bell Siphon, you need to drill a 30mm hole at the lowest point of your grow bed and follow the step-by-step guide included in the product package. The siphon comes with rubber seals and an outlet pipe tail for easy installation.
• How do I choose the right size of Automatic Bell Siphon for my grow bed?
Select the size that matches the depth of the media in your grow bed. For instance, if you have a 300mm deep grow bed filled with 270mm of media, the 300mm bell siphon would be suitable. For a 270-300mm deep grow bed with 240mm of media, a 250mm Bell Siphon is perfect.
• Is there a way to prevent debris from entering the Bell Siphon?
Yes, the outer guard keeps media from entering the siphon. For the 250mm Bell Siphon, you can also add a 90mm Mosquito Screen on top of the siphon to keep debris out.
• Does the Automatic Bell Siphon work with gravel or other media types?
Yes, the Bell Siphon is compatible with various media types used in aquaponics, such as expanded clay, gravel, or lava rocks.

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