BALDR Thermo/Hygrometer

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ACCURATE and DETAILED WEATHER REPORTING: Our thermometer and humidity gauge provides you with accurate humidity and temperature readings and reports both the inside and outside data simultaneously. A unique comfort-level indicator allows you to be proactive in making adjustments to your thermostat, humidifier and dehumidifier settings. Ensure your family’s well-being by preventing colds, dry skin, asthma, allergies and mold growth.
SIMPLE NAVIGATION with TOUCHSCREEN DISPLAY: Three simple and elegant touchscreen buttons allow you to set up the display and quickly check the minimum and maximum temperatures and humidity levels, adjust between Celsius and Fahrenheit (C/F), and choose which sensor data you want to monitor.
MONITOR MULTIPLE LOCATIONS: Our wireless sensor will precisely forecast temperature, relative humidity, current time, and historic trend data. Up to 3 remote sensors can be paired to the main station to monitor up to 3 locations simultaneously. One remote sensor is included; additional sensors are sold separately.
LARGE HD SCREEN with BACKLIT DISPLAY: The bright white backlight will illuminate for a few seconds after you press the light button, making the temperature and humidity monitor easy to read in low light conditions and superbly simple to use. Its compact size makes it ready to use anywhere, and a great portable device that’s perfect for travel.
INDOOR & OUTDOOR TEMPERATURE: With one simple glance, you will be informed of both the indoor & outdoor temperature & humidity data all on one compact screen. A small window icon is also displayed; indicating suggestions to open/close the window based on the indoor/outdoor data provided.
5 AAA batteries required.

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