AZ Instruments CO2 Temp Humidity Monitor

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• Extraordinary power saving feature to provide 1 year monitoring by only 3 pieces AAA batteries
• Big display with CO2 , humidity, dew point temperature and air temperature value
• One key press to review the logged 8-hour average, 24-hour average and 24-hour peak value
• Anti-theft and anti-modification design embedded
• NDIR (non-dispersive infrared) waveguide CO2 technology
• Programable 3 emoji icons to indicate indoor air quality level
• Buzzer function could be activated while required, mute function is available while buzzer function is on
• CO2 manual calibration feature is included
CO2 Range 0~9999 ppm
CO2 Resolution 1 ppm
CO2 Accuracy ±50 ppm ±3% of reading 400~5000 ppm,
10% of reading 5001~9999 ppm, 
NA for <400 ppm
CO2 Response Time <5 mins (90% step change)
CO2 Warm-up Time 10 Seconds
Air Temperature Range 0.0~50.0°C, 32~122°F
Air Temperature Resolution 0.1°C, 0.1°F
Air Temperature Accuracy ±0.6°C, ±1°F
Air Temperature Response Time <2 mins (90% step change)
Humidity Range 5.0~95.0% RH
Humidity Resolution 0.1% RH
Humidity Accuracy ±5%RH (at 25℃, 10~90%RH);
others ±7%RH
Humidity Response Time <20 mins (90% step change)
Dew Point Range -68.2~50.0℃, -90.8~122℉
others ±7%RH
LCD Size 60(H)*44(W) mm
Meter Size 86(L) * 86(W) * 25(H) mm
Operating Temperature 0~5°C
Operating RH% 0~95% RH (avoid condensation)
Storage Temperature -20~5°C
Storage RH% 0~90% RH (avoid condensation)
Power Supply 3 PCS AAA Batteries
Power Consumption Eco mode:
40µA (>1ear)
LCD update per minute;
Regular mode:
70µA (>6 months)
LCD update per 10S
Buzzer ~70dB at 10cm distance
Mounting Height 1.4~1.8 M
Weight 115g
Standard Package Meter, Battery, Hanging screw set,
Manual, Paper Box

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