Avert Odourless Duffle Bag XL 148Ltr

Sale price$255.00


AVERT any extra sticky situations with the new release XL DUFFLE from AVERT Bags! AVERT Bags carbon linings and zipper solutions give you peace of mind when travelling. The Avert XL Duffle features the unique features
found on the current Avert Duffle, but now made with a massive 148L capacity! The AVERT Duffle XL is perfect for
carrying all of your precious cargo; it’s even big enough to fit buckets!


The Avert range of activated carbon bags is a new practical and secure means of transporting precious cargo. Odor-absorbing lining ensures you can travel safely without worry of leaking unwanted scents.



  • 148L / 39GAL
  • 81.5cm x 48cm x 48cm
  • Premium odor-absorbing carbon lining with protective mesh
  • Odor-absorbing carbon lined flap for extra smell protection
  • 600D polyester/pvc waterproof outer material
  • Water and smell resistant zipper
  • Superior heavy duty design
  • Padded backpack straps (removable)
  • Traditional carry handles
  • Industrial velcro
  • Lockable

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