Aussie Mushroom CO2 Bag

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Each bag is kept refrigerated, so it stays fresh until ready for use. 
Introducing CO2 Aussie Breath Bag
Great for bumping up the COin your hydroponic or greenhouse setup
Rated to support 2-4 plants for up to 6 months
Why Co2 Aussie Breath Bags?
Plants require CO2 to create and process food, and increasing their CO2 intake can enhance their growth and yield.
CO2 bags can supplement more CO2 to plants, leading to a 20-30% increase in yield and a 15% increase in growth rate.
To maximize CO2 in a growth room, it's important to position the CO2 bag correctly.
- Placing it on one side of the room can lead to uneven plant growth.
- CO2 is heavier than regular air, so it will naturally flow downwards towards the plants.
- Increased CO2 uptake not only enhances plant growth and yield, but it also increases plant resilience by increasing moisture content.
Very simply place the bag in the required area and the CO2 will emit through the filter. (no need to open the bag or do anything else)
Once activated the bag will begin to fill and puff up which forces CO2 through the one-way valve, and last approximately 3-6 months.
Made from Australian materials and fungal matter.
Each bag will suit a small to medium sized area & will last approximately 6 months.
Max area coverage of around 1.2m x 1.2m for each bag & extra bag can be added

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