Aptus Pack Fasilitor/Bloomboost 100ml

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As the flagship of the Aptus product lineup, Fasilitor is extremely concentrated, pure, and fast acting.
While it is a silica-based solution, it is unlike any other silica product on the market. Fasilitor’s exclusive formula works by promoting the formation of robust plant cell walls. As a result, plants grown with Fasilitor tend to have thick plant tissue accompanied with solid stems and branches.
The Aptus-exclusive stabilized concentration of silica allows for fast response against abiotic and biotic stress factors (environmental and pests), shorter internodal spacing, and is highly available to the plant.
Add Fasilitor to the water in your reservoir first before any other products. Failure to do so will result in a reduction of available silica for your plants.
• Use throughout the vegetative and flowering phases of plant growth at the rate of 0.5ml per gallon or 3ml per 5 gallons.
• Use at the rate of 2ml per gallon for targeted foliar application
• Use at the rate of 1 ml per gallon with your feed during the onset of flowering to help prevent stretching.
Potassium silicate is a plant-available silica that’s easily moved to needed areas within the plant including signs of insect attack, cell wall, and tissue formation. In addition, Fasilitor’s formula works to provide Boron (B) throughout the plant’s tissue which is the precursor for cell formation, movement of plant energy (sugars), and setting flowers.
The third and final trace mineral in Fasilitor is molybdenum. Molybdenum is an essential component of enzymatic processes within the plant that convert nitrates into compounds used to manufacture amino acids, convert inorganic phosphorus into organic forms within the plant, and is also crucial to bacteria that fix atmospheric nitrogen into your soil.


Aptus Bloomboost is an additive used throughout the entirety of the fruiting and flowering periods of a plants’ lifespan. Bloomboost contains a blend of plant available elements including potassium, sulfur, and boron that work together to increase fruit/flower size, fiber mass and quality. Aptus has designed this product to provide these three elements in precise amounts at desired times during the plants’ reproductive cycles to maximize harvests.
Bloomboost is an excellent all-in-one health additive for your plants during their reproductive phase of growth. Using Bloomboost throughout the fruiting and flowering phases of growth allows for increased flower setting, larger harvests, and heightened aroma of end products.
Add Bloomboost to your reservoir every feeding from the second week of the flowering stage until the end gradually increasing the dose. Bloomboost is effective when used through harvest without negative affect on quality and flavor.
•  Start Bloomboost at 1ml per gallon during week 2 of the flowering phase of growth.
• Increase Bloomboost gradually in .25ml per gallon increments every week until you reach 2 ml per gallon. Maintain 2ml per gallon until the end of the flowering & fruiting stages of growth.
Potassium provided by Bloomboost works to form healthy, fibrous fruits and flowers. The underlying amount of slight but constant potassium is designed by Aptus to provide required potassium but at levels to not cause antagonism, the pushing away of other required minerals.
Sulfur is a crucial component in the formation of proteins, certain plant hormones, and aids in the formation of certain oils and volatile compounds. The supplemental Sulfur works to bring out the aromatic characteristics of your plants early to develop ever higher by harvest time.
The last element in Bloomboost, boron works to preserve the integrity of various membranes within the plant allowing for increased structural integrity during flower development.

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