Aptus Ecozen

Size: 250ml
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Modern cultivation methods utilize increasingly large amounts of fertilizer salts in confined volumes of planting medium or soil. The effects of over fertilization are many but most often are made obvious in modern cultivation methods by displaying halted development, mineral deficiencies, and leaf tip burn.
Ecozen allows you as a grower to better manage the performance of your planting medium by reducing salt buildup. By containing minimal amounts of nitrogen and potassium, flushing your medium with Ecozen helps clear out excess junk salts while leaving small amounts of nitrogen and potassium which are necessary to plant health.
Add Ecozen to your water every feeding during all stages of plant growth. Ecozen may also be applied at double strength once per week if desired.
• Add 1 ml of Ecozen per gallon of water with your normal watering
• Add 2 ml of Ecozen per gallon of only water for use in flushing your planting medium
In modern indoor cultivation environments, salt based fertilizers are used seemingly in ever larger amounts in mediums that have a relatively small, defined volume. This combination results in the buildup of salt in the growing medium that prevents required soil processes from functioning optimally.
With excess salt present, the plants’ roots become less efficient at absorbing necessary nutrients. Although these minerals might be present with the large excesses of fertilizer salts present, the action of water moving these specific needed elements from a source of higher concentration (planting medium) to an area of lower concentration (plant) becomes unreliable resulting in what you see as mineral deficiencies. Watering with Ecozen at the prescribed dose helps clear out your medium leaving only small traces of necessary elements behind.

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