Aptus Plant Tech Baseboost

Size: 400g
Sale price$38.50


Baseboost is a time-release 100% organic pellet fertilizer that provides complete nutrition for plant development for up to 3 months. Each application lasts 2-3 months and can be reapplied for longer cycles. It is specially formulated with the macro and micro nutrients needed for healthy, robust plant growth.
Baseboost is effective standalone as a complete fertilizer for the grower with little time or trying to simplify the work of growing. For advanced growers looking to maximize yields, Baseboost is an effective replacement for a typical base NPK nutrient in combination with the rest of the Aptus Premium Collection boosters.
You can apply Baseboost during transplanting by mixing into the growing medium or as a top dressing to extend the time Baseboost supplies your plants with nutrition. (especially outdoor applications).
Application is incredibly simple. You can either mix into your soil or planting hole prior to transplanting or top dress and water in.. Apply with water only or add boosters for greater effect. Baseboost is effective and safe even for young plants. Baseboost can take a week or two to fully kick in so it’s a good idea to use in conjunction with Aptus boosters.
• For short crop cycles 1-3 months, use 100g per plant in a 5-7 gallon pot
• For long crop cycles 3-6 months, use 2-300g per plant in a 5-7 gallon pot
• For large containers or soil beds, use 1-150g of Baseboost for every 10 gallons of soil

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