Aloe Powder 50g

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Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Concentrate For Horticultural Use
Australian, organically grown and certified chemical free.
Sun dried and processed with a unique milling technique that applies very low temperatures for complete preservation of growth promoting compounds. A powerful rooting agent for cuttings, and all round plant health promotant.
Whole Leaf Aloe Powder naturally contains:
• polysaccharides – microbial stimulant
• macro and secondary nutrients
• trace elements
• amino acids – building blocks for protein, helps plants produce plant growth regulators
• vitamins – speeds up cell division, improves plant health
• enzymes – catalysts of metabolic processes for microbial activity and plant growth
• saponins – foliar spreader and sticking agent, also assists in pest prevention and control
• salicylic acid – signal for SAR (systemic activated resistance) which greatly enhances plant immunity against pests and pathogens, powerful rooting promotor for cuttings
• gibberellins – growth hormone that increases cell division, improves germination rates and signals fruiting and senescence processes.
200:1 concentrated organic dehydrated whole leaf aloe vera.
Makes 500L of potent foliar solution.

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