OGS Alfalfa Meal 1Kg

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What is it?
Our Alfalfa meal is the highest quality in Australia, comes pre-blended and is great for everything! It has an N-P-K of approximately 3-1-2 as well as Calcium, Magnesium, trace minerals, amino acids, proteins and carbohydrates...... This one is not only a great plant food, but also a great microbe food.
It is fantastic when used in Nutrient / Microbe Teas for soil drenching or foliar application and has great synergy with other biomass', such as Barley, Comfrey, Nettle and Neem. It can be used in your soil mix, as a topdressing item or as the entire mulch layer. 
Alfalfa contains the naturally occurring growth hormone triacontanol which improves the root system, develops root mass and enhances photosynthesis via secondary messengers which overall results in larger crops.  Triacontanol can improve yields by %50 !!!
We recommend a 2-3cm layer of alfalfa ontop of all your pots. Make sure its the final amendment to go on and is whats exposed to the air. this will ensure moisture retention, and encourage nutrient cycling via improved soil biology (microbes, fungi, beneficial, worms etc) within the top 1-3 Inchs of soil.

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