Ibebot Air Comfort Air Monitor

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Ibebot AirComfort
Connected Temperature & Humidity Reporting
What is AirComfort?
AirComfort is an Award winning IOT (Internet of Things) product that tracks and monitors indoor temperature and humidity of your home or office environment.
Aircomfort is compatible with IOS and Android mobile devices.
How does Humidity affect you?
Humidity is the amount of water vapor or moisture in the air and having a too high or too low humidity can be dangerous. So how does humidity affect you? Our skin uses the air to get rid of moisture in the form of sweat and humans are sensitive to it. If the relative humidity is very high, the air is already saturated with water vapor and our sweat won't evaporate. When this happens, we feel hotter than the actual temperature and when there’s a low humidity it can make us feel cooler than the actual temperature. This happens because the dry air helps sweat evaporate more quickly than usual.
Another factor is that humidity higher than 70% can too vaporize the environment and will result into forming of molds, hazardous fungus and bacteria that’s unhealthy and soon if no action taken can result into chronic respiratory infection such as chronic obstructive lung disease. To avoid this, you need to determine the humidity level in the room and find out whether you need to increase or reduce it. Become aware and Protect your loved ones or precious possessions be they leather goods, books, fine wines, musical instruments or anything which could be damaged by temperature and humidity.
What is THI?

humidity monitoring device

A temperature-humidity index (THI) is a single value representing the combined effects of air temperature and humidity associated with the level of thermal stress. This index has been developed as a weather safety index to monitor and reduce heat-stress-related losses. Different animal species and humans have different sensitivities to ambient temperature and the amount of moisture in the air. Cattle can tolerate much higher temperatures at lower relative humidity than swine. This is due to the fact that cattle can dissipate excessive heat more effectively by sweating, whereas swine do not have sweat glands. However, during hot and humid weather the natural capability of cattle to dissipate heat load by sweating and panting is compromised, and heat stress occurs at these conditions in cattle much faster than in swine.

air comfort app

AirComfort App is available on Apple Store and Google play
• Height: 11.5cm
• Diameter: 3.6cm
• Weight: 35.0g

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