Adjust-A-Wings Hellion 3100K 315W SE CMH Lamp

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Utilising Bespoke Japanese Arc Tubes and fitted with an E40 Screw Mogul makes this lamp compatible with most industry standard reflectors.

Just ensure you are using a CMH ballast with this lamp. Borosilicate glass jackets enhance harmonic stability with a cooler lamp operation, thus extending lamp life at over 10000 hours.

The 3100K lamp will maintain its PPF intensity far longer than its competitors and produce consistently higher yields.


Output Specifications
Luminous flux 32,700 lumens
CRI 95 Ra8
PPF 578 μmol
PPF/Watt 1.85
Colour Temperature 3100k
Rated average life 12,000 hours
Intended Use:
Socket type E40 mogul socket
Socket pulse rating 5kV
Burning position Horizontal / Vertical
Bulb type T46
Base Type E40
Fixture rating Closed / Open
Physical Specifications:
Overall length 198mm (7.79 inches)
Glass jacket 154mm (6.06 inches)
Glass diameter 46mm (1.81 inches)
Weight 125g

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