900 x 900mm Flood & Drain Tray

Sale price$165.00


Flood and drain trays are designed for use with hydroponic flood and drain systems. The tray is regularly flooded with hydroponic nutrient-enriched water allowing the growing media to soak up the solution, then the excess solution drains out while air is drawn down around the plant roots. Flooding and draining are done with the aid of a pump and a timer.
Made of 100% Recycled ABS Plastic with Virgin ABS Cap on each side.
Manufactured in the USA using 25% Solar Energy. 
Easy Clean Drainage Grid allows the Grower to Clean their trays without the hassle of scrubbing sharp corners to remove build up.
Built in water level indicators to easily identify the fill level of the trays.
Trays come without holes and can be drilled to accomodate Tub Outlet Fittings, Screens and Extensions.
Aluminium Square Tubing & Fittings Available to Build your own Table.
Support Blocks are also Available for Various Heights.

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