X-Trays White Flood and Drain Tray

Size: 2x2 (680mm x 680mm x 170mm)
Sale price$95.00


Flood and drain trays are designed for use with hydroponic flood and drain systems. The tray is regularly flooded with hydroponic nutrient-enriched water allowing the growing media to soak up the solution, then the excess solution drains out while air is drawn down around the plant roots. Flooding and draining are done with the aid of a pump and a timer.
X-Trays are the latest and most innovative hydroponic tray systems available anywhere in the world. Using originaldesign features, these trays will ensure you have better water control than ever before.
Made in Canada at their cutting edge thermoforming facility, X-Trays are manufactured with high impact ABS instead of the more common HIPS (Styrene) and can easily withstand temperature fluctuations and the hazards of daily agricultural use.
XTrays grooved FLO-THRU channels keep plants well-irrigated, vibrant and always at their healthiest.
X-Trays provide minimal stagnant water and efficient water flow thoughout the entire design.
The multi level grooved irrigation channels promote fast and thorough drainage, and the rounded corners make cleaning a breeze. Our versatile trays include multi drain positions and water level matkers on the inside walls.
X-Trays flood tables are of the highest quality and a level of durability unmatched in the industry. The classic series feature true, full size dimensions and volume to provide maximum growing area.
Trays come without holes and can be drilled to accomodate Tub Outlet Fittings, Screens and Extensions.
Aluminium Square Tubing & Fittings Available to Build your own Table.
Support Blocks are also Available for Various Heights.
X-Tray 2 x 2 Flood & Drain Trays 
  • Outside Dimensions 68cm x 68cm x 17cm
  • Inside Dimensions 61cm x 61cm x 15cm
  • Available in White only
X-Tray 2 x 4 Flood & Drain Trays 
  • Outside Dimensions 75cm x 136cm x 18cm
  • Inside Dimensions 61cm x 122cm x 15cm
  • Available in White only

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