1/2" MPT W/Nut & Gaskets to 1/2" Threaded Elbow

Sale price$3.50


The Bucket Company's 1/2” Elbow to 1/2" Male Pipe Thread (MPT) or 3/4" Barb Elbow (Universal) Fitting allows cultivators to assemble drainage systems on the 5 Gallon and 10 Gallon Ez-Pz Buckets as well as the 15.5" and 22" Ez-Pz Runoff Trays.
• PTFE thread tape (Teflon Tape) is recommended for threaded joints. Rated and works with 1/2” thread or 3/4” Vinyl Tubing.
• Can be used with both irrigation and drainage applications
• Compatible with a variety of other products and accessories

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