Growhard Bud Juice

Size: 1L
Sale price$49.50


Bud Juice provides growers with the best of old and new world technology in organic gardening.  This combination approach to producing the ultimate in natural flower enhancement gives growers a product that achieves results far beyond what nature intended.  
When it comes to bloom stimulators, the Bud Juice formulation gives you the ability to achieve extraordinary yields from a totally safe and completely natural solution.  The combination of natural plant hormones, fulvic vitamins, kelp and other complex organics, bolsters the plants metabolic process pushing it to yields that had been previously unobtainable in other competitor's products.
  • Triggers flower production
  • Increase flower sites
  • Enhance yield up to 40%
  • Increase floral development
  • Increase essential oil production
  • Stimulate plant krebs cycle
  • Increase cell wall permiability
  • Increase disease resistance
  • Add 2.5mls per ltr of mixed nutrient for first 4 weeks of flowering cycle


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