Pond One O2 Plus

Size: 4000
Sale price$119.90


Pond One O2 Plus Air Machine 10 Outlet Air Pumps
The O2 plus mega air pumps from Pond One are specifically designed for outdoor use and are resistant to the perils that extreme weather can throw at them.
Fitted with a 10mtr cable, installation is made simple in comparison to other models around.
O2 plus 4000 air machines are extremely powerful units. With an output of 35 litres per minute or 70 litres per minute for the O2 plus 8000 these are suitable for seriously large ponds or filters to stimulate aerobic activity or simply to add more oxygen to multiple points around the pond. With the design based upon the Aqua One indoor units, quietness is a given. Outlet size is 13mm.
Each unit comes with a 10 gang splitter allowing multiple air stones to be run simultaneously.
The diaphragms of these pumps are Japanese silicone rubber cartridges which offer excellent reliability and life expectancy.
Model Air Output (L/hr) Power Consumption (W) Maximum Pressure (MPa) Outlets
O2 Plus 4000 2100 20 0.024 10
O2 Plus 8000 4200 47 0.038 10
O2 Plus 12000 6600 60 0.032 10

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