Rock Super Growth 100ml

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In order to achieve the best results, growers should attempt to maximise yields whilst trying to avoid some of the common problems that reduce yields and negatively effect success.

One of these problems is intermodal stretch. This relates to the vertical growth in the vegative or early flowering phases.

Many think this stretch (which can greatly affect your plant's crops) which is caused by the limitations of artificial light, is unavoidable.

It isn't, which is why we'd like to introduce you to our hydroponic stimulant, Rock Super Growth.Now you really can add visible improvements to your crops and reduce the growing phase of your plants' growth cycle by up to three weeks!And to ensure peace of mind, Rock Super Growth is formulated from key organic compounds and natural occurring acids to stimulate this amazing root and foliage growth.

In order to get the best from Rock Super Growth, use after the first or second week of the vegative phase.For use within your hydroponic system, add 0.5ml for every litre of water.Note: You must adjust pH To 5.5 – 6 for best results.


Rock Super Growth

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