Phresh Easy Fan Controller V2

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Phresh Easy Fan Controller V2 for Optimal Grow Space Environment
The Phresh Easy Fan Controller V2 offers precise and convenient regulation of airflow by altering the speed of your V2 HyperFans. Featuring three user-friendly dials, this improved version of the Phresh Easy Fan Controller allows you to maintain optimal air temperature and pressure in your grow space, ensuring your plants get the best conditions for healthy growth.
Features and Benefits
Effortless temperature control: Easily manage air temperatures in your grow space for enhanced plant growth.
• Customisable minimum fan speed: Set your preferred minimum fan speed for cooler temperatures to keep your plants warm while maintaining adequate airflow for effective carbon filtration.
• Negative pressure maintenance: Achieve and maintain the ideal negative pressure in your grow space for improved air circulation and odour control.
• Variable fan speed controller: Adjust your V2 HyperFans' speed according to your plants' needs and grow space conditions.
• Compatibility with multiple HyperFans: Control up to four V2 HyperFans simultaneously, with two inlet and two outlet fans for a comprehensive airflow system.
• Exclusive to V2 HyperFans: Designed specifically for use with V2 HyperFans for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
How to Use
1. Connect the Phresh Easy Fan Controller V2 to your V2 HyperFans according to the manufacturer's instructions.
2. Adjust the temperature dial to your desired grow space temperature.
3. Set the minimum fan speed dial to your preferred setting for cooler temperatures.
4. Utilise the differential dial to balance the inlet and outlet fan speeds and easily achieve the perfect negative room pressure.
5. Observe and fine-tune settings as needed to ensure optimal grow space conditions.

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