330mm 18L Anova Pot

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The ANOVApot® has been developed to minimise root escape from plants in pots (containers). Research has shown that the ANOVApot® significantly reduces root escape in a variety of commercially grown plants.

Specifications for the 140mm ANOVApot® are:

  • A 137mm top diameter (bottom diameter 116mm), 140mm tall black pot
  • A single 27cm circular hole, centrally positioned in the base. The hole is covered at its base with a grid of 16 x 3.5 mm square openings and has 16 sub-square openings (a total opening area of 3 sq cm)
  • The internal hole is surrounded by an 7 mm tall collar, 1 mm thick
  • Completely flat smooth base free of projections
  • Spacers on the base prevents pots sticking together
  • Vertical root trainers
  • Circular raised grip ridges at top

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