House & Garden Cocos 50L Bag

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House & Garden Cocos is world-famous for its high quality and purity. Using only the finest sourced coconut husks and processing the coir in Holland, H&G Coco is truly the coco for your garden! 
Coco Coir is an ideal solution for indoor & outdoor production cultivation. It can be used as a perfect organic substrate that is moisture and nutrient retentive. Coir is scientifically proven to promote faster growth than traditional soil or potting mix, and it is also thriving with beneficial organic bacteria!
Coco peat is the most popular choice for home and commercial gardeners! 
Unlike our competitors, we ensure that every single batch is washed in fresh water, in Holland. It is the finest Dutch Grade of coco substrate currently available on the market. 


  • RHP Quality - Certified Suitable for Horticultural Use
  • Washed in FRESH water in Holland
  • Produced by one of the largest substrate manufacturers in the world
  • No chemical treatment
  • Non Methyl-Bromide fumigated
  • Natural Trichoderma and beneficial bacteria
  • Low EC, and naturally balanced pH.
  • Bag designed for easy handling

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