Osram Plantstar HPS600 Lamp

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Osram Plantstar HPS600 Lamp

Light is growth

Inspired by nature, OSRAM uses innovations and new technologies to develop uniquelighting solutions. Not to replace natural light, but to complement it.
OSRAM PLANTASTAR® high-performance lamps provide plants all over the world with enough light to grow to their full potential, so they can bear fruit and perform the process
of photosynthesis, which is essential for life.


Product Highlights:
– Advanced Shock Resistance
– Advanced Ignition System
– Low installation costs
– Ceramic tube durable and robust
– Increased plant growth thanks to optimal filling, with adjusted spectrum
– Photon production ~1.8 μmol/s/W


Wattage 600W
System Wattage 654W
Operating Voltage 230V
Lamp Voltage 112V
Ignition Voltage min/max 4/5kVs
Lamp Current 6.2A
Line current, compensated, at cos 0.9 - 3.4A
Luminous flux 90,000 lm
Photon flux 1,100 μmol/s
Base - E40
Burning position - Any
Recommended period of use (failure rate < 5 %, photon flux > 90 %) 12,000 hours


Product benefits

  • Shorter production times
  • Control over blossoming


Areas of application

  • Greenhouses
  • Suitable for growth of fruit due to emission of photosynthesis optimised light
  • Application only in suitable luminaires


Product features

  • Average lifetime: 12,000 h
  • Provides light for the photosynthesis in plants
  • Photon flux: > 90 % after 12,000 h
  • High-pressure sodium lamp especially for greenhouse lighting

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