Growlush Lamp HPS 400 watt

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Growlush High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Lamp benefits: accelerate development and hearty flowering! HPS light is for better flowering, which is best for your plants chlorophyll production. It is especially productive for flower seedling development. Safe and environmental friendly.

Growlush HPS 400W Lamp specifications:
  • Power: 400 watts (High efficiency) 
  • Expected Life Span: 29,000 hours 
  • Lumen: 65,200 lumens 
  • Contains more red spectrum, which is best for flowering.
  • Strong power to penetrate fog 
  • High output, high luminescence efficiency 
  • Fit for all standard 400 watts HPS grow light systems 
  • Fit for the Heliophile, such as Rose and Camellia, which grows better at longer sunshine time

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