Growlush Lamp MH 250 watt Round

Sale price$36.50


Growlush Metal Halide (MH) Lamps produce a strong output of the blue spectrum, which is perfect for the vegetative growth stage.  It is perfect for all-purpose growth as well as fruiting and flowering.  In addition, Growlush MH bulb adds more of the red wavelength of the light spectrum, which facilitates faster plant growth and achieve high yields even in the middle of winter.
Growlush MH 250W Lamp specifications:
  • Power: 250 watts (High efficiency)
  • Expected Life Span: 10,000 hours
  • Lumen: 24, 000 lumens
  • Contains both blue and red spectrums.
  • Strong power to penetrate fog
  • High output, high luminescence efficiency.
  • Fit for all standard 250 watts MH grow light systems
  • Long life and high efficiency for energy saving

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