Regenerate Nutrient Blend

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Regenerate Nutrient Blend to Suit No Till or Water Only Soil
Recharge nutrient blend contains a diverse spectrum of fast and slow release minerals, enzymes and growth promoting hormones that will stimulate the soil food web and revitalise used soil for continued harvests. Use this amendment blend in between harvests to recharge old soil or use as a topdressing in no till style raised beds and containers to restore nutrients used in previous cycles.
Balanced formula for biological soil health and vigorous plant growth
Neem meal, kelp meal, malted grains, soft rock phosphate, basalt rock dust, gypsum, mycorrhizal fungi innoculant.
How to use:
Soil recycling recipe per 50L of used soil - Add 350g of recharge blend to 10 to 15L of high quality worm castings or compost
Topdressing rates for no till gardens - Spread evenly over soil, and lightly mix into top layer. Apply when planting and again when flowering if needed.
Recommended application rates:
1/2 - 1 cup per plant
1/2 to 1 cup per square metre in raised beds
For best results add a layer of worm castings and cover with mulch. Water lightly and frequently.

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