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Defuse is a sterilising agent (similar to Microbial-quartnary Amonium).  It has a wide variety of uses from sterilising the system, to cleaning the root zone like Pythoff or Oxy Plus.

Can also be used as a Foliar Spray for treating Botrytis (bud rot) and powdery mildew.

Also good to run through hoses and to clean and wipe down walls etc.

Defuse is non systemic making it ideal to use on your favourite fruits and vegetables while leaving no harmful residue. It is compatible with most macro and micro nutrient solutions.

Can be applied to the root zone or foliar application.

De-Fuse is one of the newest and most effective water and nutrient conditioners to become available to the horticultural market. This unique conditioner is suitable for all soil and soilless substrates, including Coco, Rockwool, Clay, soil and Pro-mixes.



Water Treatment (During Growing)

Add De-Fuse at the following rates to your tank on a weekly basis with any tank change.  De-Fuse will often produce a frothy solution that will quickly dissipate, but be sure to turn off all air pumps for a few minutes while mixing your solution.  Alternatively you can dilute De-Fuse in a separate jug and slowly add to your nutrient tank.

Young Plants and Cuttings

Add at the rate of 0.5ml per ltr for the first two weeks

Established Plants

Add at the rate of 1ml per ltr with every tank change

For Stronger Plants

Add at the rate of 2-5ml per ltr weekly

As a Foliar Spray

Add at a rate of 0.5ml per ltr, spray plants weekly.

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