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Nitrozyme has been proven to effectively relieve stress, provide a more vigorous and healthy plant, which increases yields and profits.

Crops under normal growing conditions achieve only 30-40% of their genetic potential. Growing conditions such as low or high moisture levels, hot or cold temperature variations, soil imbalance and nutritional deficiencies contribute to plant stress and result in underperformance of the crop.

Plants under stress are unable to produce sufficient cytokinins, the natural plant growth hormones which are necessary for plant growth, nutrient mobilization and distribution, germination, cell division, root development, flowering and seed formation. These naturally occurring hormones have a very pronounced effect on the growth of plant cells and regulate delicate physiological plant processes.

After many years of research and field testing, the natural cytokinins in Nitrozyme can be put to productive use on your plants. Natural cytokinins such as those found in Nitrozyme will help control and regulate: germination - root development - nutrition uptake - plant tissue composition - tillering - flowering -seed and fruit set.
Plants progress through a cycle of growth stages. Using the example of wheat, the plant starts out as a seed, germinates and goes through the seedling stage, through the three, five and seven leaf stages, and finally forming a head and producing new seed.
When a plant is under stress at any given stage of growth, reduced levels of cytokinin growth hormones are produced. If this reduction occurs at certain key stages of growth such as the tillering stage, yields can be affected.
By making available extra hormone to the plant at these stages, you can influence the crops final yield.

Nitrozyme is very effective as a seed treatment. Many gardeners and researchers have been experimenting with Growth Plus as a seed treatment because it contains certain hormones which can help promote early seedling vigor, and up to 40% increase in root mass. More root mass leads to a healthier and a more vigorous plant.

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